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Sad poetry Heart touching poetry:

Here is  new heart touching sad poetry collection which is very sad behave with love and after you read this poetry you will admired heartily of this poetry and this image. We have more images about this collection and other collections we also have according to this. If you want to see that search in search in this blog button and get your result now. Very heart touching quotes in love which Broken the heart. Now get best wishes for your dears of sad and love top 2 best separate collections and mixture of that which makes a heartfull feeling and describes everything. Don't make any attitude here is best way to forget it by refresh mind to see images on altitudes. So that search it now with too many options on attitude poetry.

Sad poetry | Heart touching poetry

بیشک برے وقت سے میں اکثر ہار جاتا ہوں 
پر کبھی۔۔۔ برے لوگوں سے نہیں ہارتا 

Beshak bure waqt main aksar haar jata hun
Per kabhi bure logon se nahin harta 

Heart touching quotes 
مجھے میرا دکھ رونے پر مجبور مت کر"
"کہین میرا دکھ سن کر تجھے رونا نا آجائے

 Muje mera dukh likhne per majboor na kr kahin mera dukh sun kr Tujhe ronaa na ajaye

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