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Urdu sad and love poetry lines:

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I think the best poetry which is famous at the time is love poetry because every people want to see this poetry and searching everywhere so according to this love poetry or shayari collection we also given this collection. Must see and make a spacial time for your gf in love or other any thing like a comfortable and eventful atmosphere.

poetry about love, friendship, girl, boy. Daily updates shayree, gazals, poems. New gazhals with spacial poetry lines must see and share.

Urdu sad poetry

   مینے وو کھویا جو میرا کبھی تھا ہی نہیں
   مگر اس نے وو کھویا جو صرف اسی کا تھا

Mene wo khoya jo mera kabhi tha hi nahin
Lekin usne wo khoya jo surf usi ka thaa

Rose flower

اگر گلاس دودھ سے بھرا ہو تو ہم اس میں اور دودھ نہیں ڈال سکتے 
مگر جب ہم اس میں شکر ڈالیں گے تو شکر اپنی جگہ بنا لیتی ہے

Agar glass doodh se bharaa ho to aap us main aur doodh nahin daal sakte
Per agar hum us main shakar daal dain to shakar apni jagah bana leti he

Important thing:
Dosto ye jo mene apko 4 lines ke through ek baat samjhane ki koshish ki he ap har kisi se piyaar izat aur ahtraam ke saath behave kro agar koi galti se 2, 4 alfaaz bolde to use dil per mat lo bus smile krte hue bhool jao agar saamne Betha hua insaan us baat se khush hota he to usy naraaz naa kro ek naa ek din wo khud is baat ko samajh jayega. Dosto mene ye baat thori short Mathod main apko samjhane ki koshish ki he and I hope ke apko samajh aye gi. Q ke jb aap is baat ko samajh jao ge to har cheez thk hone lage gi aur charon taraf piyaar hi piyaar aur khushiyaan hi khushiyaan hongi.

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